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Monterey, CA 242 Cannery Row, Monterey, California 93940
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Cannery Row Attractions 

With the establishment of the Pacific Fish Company cannery in 1908, the whaling and sardine industries found along Ocean View Avenue underwent rapid expansion. During World War I, demand for canned sardines increased causing a boom in the canning industry. Over fishing greatly diminished the local sardine population by the end of World War II, and signified the end of Cannery Row's heyday.
In 1945, John Steinbeck's novel, Cannery Row was published and brought about increased interest in revitalizing Cannery Row. Restoration and preservation project efforts helped turn Cannery Row into a top Monterey tourist destination it is known as today.

Landmark Destination

Cannery Row is a landmark destination nestled on the shores of the Monterey Bay. Visitors will enjoy an afternoon strolling along this famous one mile waterfront street lined with charming shops, restaurants, and access to exciting recreation activities. Explore fascinating jelly fish and shark exhibits at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, or admire the breathtaking landscape along the Monterey Bay Coastal Recreational Trail. The Monterey Bay Inn is situated on the quiet end of Cannery Row, and is the perfect jumping off point for all your Monterey Bay getaway adventures.


Enjoy a stroll down Cannery Row and step back to the days of Monterey's bustling maritime culture. Many shops and restaurants are located inside original canning factories, while the crossover conveyor belts that transported cans are still visible overhead. Cannery Row is a gateway to a wealth of outdoor activities. Book your kayaking or whale watching adventure on the shimmering Monterey Bay, or head to San Carlos Beach, considered one of the best scuba diving spots in the Monterey Bay.
If you're lucky, spot playful sea otters and other unique wildlife splashing along the shores. Wine connoisseurs will want to stop at the Cannery Row wine tasting rooms where aromatic pinot noirs and chardonnays are sure to tantalize the palate.

Shopping & Dining

Take a time out from exploring Cannery Row sights and attractions to enjoy a little shopping and dining. Cannery Row is home to more than 85 merchants. Peruse antique shops, specialty boutiques and art galleries for the latest artisan craft, souvenirs, gourmet foods and the perfect bottle of local Monterey County wine. Satiate your appetite with sumptuous seafood at the Sardine Factory or Bubba Gump Shrimp Company. From elegant fine dining to causal eateries, Cannery Row offers a taste for everyone.
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