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Monterey, CA 242 Cannery Row, Monterey, California 93940
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Monterey Bay Aquarium at California
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Category: Activities
886 Cannery Row, Monterey, California, 93940 (831) 648-4800

Explore an array of Monterey Bay Aquarium Exhibits

Enjoy everything from unique exhibits and tours to live feedings at Monterey Bay Aquarium near our Monterey, CA hotel. The animals you'll encounter include sea otters, blue whales, dolphins, elephant seals, penguins, cuttlefish, squid, and puffins. In addition, you'll want to check out one of the many delightful daily shows, such as "Mysteries of the Deep" and "Journey to Baja." You'll also be able to take advantage of onsite dining as well as shopping in the Monterey Bay Aquarium gift shop and bookstore. And families will have ample activities at their disposal to keep little ones entertained.



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  • What cool exhibits can I see?

    Monterey Bay Aquarium overflows with exhibits you won’t want to miss. Tentacles is where you'll be introduced to such exotic creatures as cuttlefish, and squid. Monterey Bay Habitats, which is more than 90 feet long, highlights the world of sharks, sturgeons, and a massive sea bass weighing 200 pounds. And Rocky Shore will delight young and old alike with intriguing inhabitants like the monkey-face eel and acorn barnacle.
  • When are the live animal feedings?

    Feedings at Monterey Bay Aquarium take place in the morning. Stop by the Sea Otter Exhibit at 10:30 and you’ll get a chance to see how these playful critters are trained and fed by experts. Also at 10:30, the penguins who reside in the Splash Zone Exhibit are treated to a tasty meal. And at 11:00 in the Open Sea Exhibit, hungry turtles, sardines, tuna, and sharks are served their individual diets. All of the live feedings last 15 minutes.

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